Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.

I've recently been struggling with a weakness that's been sheltered in my darkest self as long as I can remember. That ugly whisper that waits just on the cusp of all that I do - listening, taunting, itching to poison me. Vanity. It's my vice of choice. Alcohol? No thanks, I'm already tired. Drugs? Nope, … Continue reading Saint Germaine Cousin. For an old vice.


Six reasons Wonder Woman is the Heroine we need to see more of.

She’s gorgeous, she’s a warrior princess, and she’s bulletproof. But there’s something else Wonder Woman is, a heroine. A type of heroine we’re not accustomed to seeing in the cinemas.

St. Philomena, A lesson in Discretion.

Like many Catholics, I had a vague acquaintance with this little saint. Saint Philomena was catalogued as one of those early-church saints, tucked into a closet in the backlogs of my memory. Oh those elusive early-church saints, the ones whose dates are just educated guesses. The ones that are almost always martyred by some horrific … Continue reading St. Philomena, A lesson in Discretion.